Meital has over 10 years of experience as an HR professional. Her experience spans across international recruitment and employee assessment covering major industry groups (IT, banking and finance, technology, communications, healthcare, retail, etc).

She has also assisted companies in creating, implementing and managing tailored solutions for employees’ team-based training and development programmes, including individual coaching. Companies Meital has been involved with include “HOT” (one of Israel’s largest Telecommunication services companies) and “Adam Milo” (a leading international HR Consulting Firm).

Meital was born in Israel, but in 2007, she relocated to Singapore with her husband (an executive in a major global bank). She had her fair share of cultural “surprises” as many who step into a new country typically encounter.

Nevertheless, she found her experiences enlightening and insightful. This led her to research this area and further develop her skills in CQ (Cultural Intelligence) and inter-cultural management.

Meital holds a Master of Science in Industrial and Organisational Psychology from the City University of New York and is also certified by the Cultural Intelligence Center as a CQ certified facilitator. She is also a member of the Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology (SIOP) as well as the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP).

Combining CQ and inter-cultural management skills with her corporate and HR experience, and driven by her genuine will and passion, Meital is determined to help people and organisations in bridging cultural gaps, developing global leadership talents, and exploring cross-cultural business opportunities. She is the founder and consultant of “Global Mindset” and a proud partner of TransCultural Group.