It has been our pleasure to serve many clients, journeying along with friends from different cultural background as they achieve their life’s goals. Experience shared, cultural insights exchanged – we hope to raise awareness of the differences of oneself versus another, and act as a catalyst for one’s desire to discover the “whys” and learn the “hows” when we deal with people from another culture.

As our founder, Keng Keng says: Imagine the Earth without mountains and valleys – the years without the four seasons. How boring will life be, if there is only ONE single culture in this world!

Come, explore and enjoy your journey across cultures like our past programme participants!

Learn how you can achieve success in your own journey with cultural education programmes and services, today.

  • “The most valuable thing I have learned is the importance of CQ and how to appreciate it.”

    Cross-Cultural Project team (participants from Europe, China, India and Malaysia) – German Multinational Company
  • “The content shared was very relevant and useful. Valuable cross-cultural insights and applicable immediately”

    Senior Management team (participants from Malaysia, India) – International Green Energy Company
  • “I really enjoyed to spend two days on reflecting the cultural differences – so thanks for guiding us through this topic and sharing your insights.”

    Mr O. EIKHAM, Commercial Counsellar – The Royal Norwegian Embassy Indonesia
  • “Very well prepared materials with a clear story of how Cultural Intelligence can be strategic for a global project team”

    Mr K., General Manager of Global Account team – Japanese Multinational Company
  • “I have better understanding of my own Indonesian values versus my colleagues’ values from another culture, and why these may have caused differences in our approach when we do things.”

    Ms Y. DEWI, Chief Financial Officer – Risco Energy
  • “The Youth Cultural Exploratory workshop is very inspiring, motivating and encouraging to the young millennials. I strongly recommend to have this valuable workshop as a mandatory programme for our youth!”

    F. KUMALA, Parent of a 16-year-old student – International School in Indonesia
  • “It was a very lively and interesting session for my daughter and I. I especially like the interactive activities where I can participate with my daughter as we discover a new culture.”

    Mr D. WANG, Father of our 9-year-old participant – China Summer Cultural Exploratory Programme
  •  “Great contents, excellent, fun and engaging delivery of thoughtful cross-cultural programme.“

    Senior management team (participants from USA, Mexico, India) – US Fortune 500 company