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Newsletter: 2018 June

Already Mid-Year? First, for those who have been with us, how I am glad you have chosen to stay in touch! To be honest, after we sent out our GDPR “Opt-in” email, it did dawn on me that if our readers were really interested to receive this Newsletter. For a moment, I was apprehensive, I…

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Newsletter: 2018 May

May, the joys of spring! May is one of my favourite months! It is the time we find spring flowers in full blossom (that is if you are from the Northern Hemisphere, if you are from the South, it will be the season for the falling leaves…). Fairs and festivals, outdoor activities and picnics are…

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Newsletter: 2018 April

No, not another April Fools’ Day prank! Other than the fun on this 1st day of April (actually, no one is quite sure of the origin of April Fools’ Day), there are in fact many other meaningful days people around the world observe in April. Most of us are aware that those of Christian faith…

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Newsletter: 2018 March

Have you spotted the daffodils in the parks? Spring is here, spring is here! In most part of Northern Hemisphere, March is the start of spring, while those living in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the beginning of autumn. The french call spring “printemps” (from Latin “prīmum tempus” meaning “first time or first season”). Many…

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Newsletter: 2018 February

Happy New Year! (Again?) Keng Keng, did you get it wrong? I thought Jan was the “Happy New Year” newsletter? No, I really meant to wish everyone a Happy New Year again. This time a Happy Lunar New Year! It is also known as the Chinese New Year or the Spring Festival (春节 Chūn Jié). Often…

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Newsletter: 2018 January

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did you know ~2,700 years ago, no one had ever heard of the months of January (and/or February)? Back then, new years began in March, there were only 10 months in a year. January and February were the “unknown/unassigned” months during winter because there were little activities. Thanks to Numa Pompilius, the…

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