TCG Programmes for Professionals

TCG offers premier coaching and personal enrichment programmes for professionals. Our goal is to accompany professionals in their career growth, by providing interesting and exclusive cross-cultural exchanges at the highest level, helping them to attain their goals on a global platform.

TCG’s programmes are designed around classroom sharing, workshop participations and in-residency immersion ‘séjours’ in France, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The savvy professional knows how to stand out from the crowd by being a positive, polished and confident person. TCG’s programmes will provide a foundation of good social manners, hone leadership skills and build self-confidence, equipping you with skills not only to give you a competitive edge over others, but also to increase your cultural quotient globally so that you can explore, develop new opportunities and fulfil your dreams.

Some of the topics include:

  • Differences between the East and West
  • Social Graces and Manners
  • Table Manners and French Dining Etiquette
  • Communication Protocols and Skills
  • Cultural Appreciation workshops (Music, Arts, Wines, Whiskeys, Cheeses, Chocolates, Sports etc)
  • Boardroom meetings and Executive presentation skills
  • Networking with Grace
  • The Simple Do’s and Don’ts

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