Explore, Enjoy and Equip Yourself for What Lies Ahead

Programmes For Youth & Young Adults:

  • Children (8-12 Yrs)
  • Teenagers (12-18 Yrs)
  • Young Adults (18-22 Yrs)
  • Parent and Child

As You Embark on Life’s Wonderful Journey, Discover A World Filled with Your Own Defining Moments!


Aspire, Acquire and Achieve Your Dreams…

Programmes For Professionals:

  • Finance sector (bankers)
  • Service sector (consultants, hospitality staff & personal assistants)
  • Young Managers & Business Persons

A Journey of Defining Moments to Accompany Your Growth and Help Fulfill Your Dreams!


Fulfill, Have Fun, Live Life to Its Fullest…

Programmes For Adventure & Lifestyle Seekers:

  • Lifestyle seekers (professionals / high achievers)
  • Socialites & those in the Entertainment sector

A Journey of Defining Moments for You to Enjoy Life to Its Fullest!


Uniquely Tailored for an Unparalleled Experience…

Bespoke Programmes:

  • Consultations to specially tailor programmes
  • Personalized service for the discerning few

For the Very Special Someone, or Very Special Moments in Your Life.